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The Difference Between Stories and Novels

Not a lot of time, see about page for reason, but I found this today. It was intriguing and made me curious as to what we think of what I see as maybe writing to sell or simply storytelling?

A Writer's Path


Humans are born storytellers. Shortly after learning to string sentences together, we start sharing them: “Mommy, I did this…” or “Daddy, I did that….” We are eager to hear about others’ experiences, supposedly to learn from them and avoid their mistakes, and we like basking in the glory that our own stories give us (after being mentally edited, of course).

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Found Treasure: Writer’s Toolbox

I am still working on getting that piece about the guy who hates traffic down. I’m reminded of it each morning and evening. I just need to put pen to paper and write. With my masterful skills of procrastination, I found what I think is brilliant! It is a Writer’s Toolbox compiled by Ryan Lanz on A Writer’s Path.

I especially like the link for how to describe your bodily reactions to your emotions. Check it out: 41 Flavors of Body Language for Writers. As a writer, one thing I have struggled with is getting descriptions right. Sometimes I wonder if I will go overboard and I believe that thought keeps from then doing as much description as I need.

I think this toolbox will defiantly help me out of procrastinating! What do you guys think of it?