My Extended Absence

My apologies. I need to stop letting my life get in the way of writing. I have been gone for a year. A WHOLE YEAR! How could that have happened? I promise you, I think about writing, it’s a daily thought. Here is what has happened… health concerns, surgery, STARTING A MASTERS PROGRAM, and oh yeah I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant. So it’s truly not that I haven’t been busy. Technically a lot of writing has happened in pursuit of my degree, but I still think daily of simply writing for me, writing my stories, writing in hopes to one day be a published and working author. But holy crap, I’m going to have a baby in like 14 weeks… is now the right time?

The answer is, It’s NEVER the right time. It’s very similar to having a child. Many people and couples talk about waiting for the right time, but you are never ready. You have to make it work.

So this post today is in that hope, that I will begin to fit writing into whatever is happening in my life and make my dreams work. It’s never going to happen unless I sit down and do it. So here it is. My new goal, no matter what I’m doing, even writing for Technical Communication, I’m going to write something for just me for 20 minutes a day. This post is the start. It’s been twenty minutes, I now have to go back to work.

Thank you and wish me good luck!


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