Writing: The Great Flying Machine

Recently, I was inspired by what I have termed, “the great flying experience”. It was as close to skydiving as I could get. I will spare you the pictures, simply go here, and check it out. The feeling of flying though, it was one of the most liberating feelings I have ever felt. In that moment, I felt so happy and released, that when I came out of the tunnel, I wanted to always feel that free.

So I began to reevaluate my life. Weeks of analysis followed, and as always, the revelation is that I need to write. All avenues in my life point to the need to write. So I might as well just do it right?

So I went out for inspiration. It was a long journey. But here is a piece that I found very interesting and thematic. The article, Lost Toys and Flying Machines: A Talk with Kazuo Ishiguro from the New Yorker, is an interview with the author of seven novels. The ending is what resonated the most with me. He speaks of writing as building a “flying machine”. A machine that he builds as he goes without direction, and only after does he examine and critique it.

He said that he doesn’t mind how people perceive his machine: “The important thing is making the story fly.”

The idea that my writing will lift people and transport them to another realm is very appealing, as it should be to any writer. After all, what do all writers start out as? Readers. Why did I become a reader? I started at age four to be transported to another place, a sense of escape.

Come on aboard and lets go flying. Hopefully soon, I got to start writing.


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