Month: October 2014

Found Treasure: Writer’s Toolbox

I am still working on getting that piece about the guy who hates traffic down. I’m reminded of it each morning and evening. I just need to put pen to paper and write. With my masterful skills of procrastination, I found what I think is brilliant! It is a Writer’s Toolbox compiled by Ryan Lanz on A Writer’s Path.

I especially like the link for how to describe your bodily reactions to your emotions. Check it out: 41 Flavors of Body Language for Writers. As a writer, one thing I have struggled with is getting descriptions right. Sometimes I wonder if I will go overboard and I believe that thought keeps from then doing as much description as I need.

I think this toolbox will defiantly help me out of procrastinating! What do you guys think of it?


How to Make Characters Uncomfortable

Look what I found on Read to Write Stories: How to Make Characters Uncomfortable, by Michael Noll! What an interesting idea! It’s guaranteed drama for someone to have to deal with a dislike. I always loved how it could turn really comedic. For some reason the image that is called to mind is Mr. Bean.

Hmmm… I wonder what Mr. Bean and tomorrow’s traffic will inspire for me? I see a man hating cars in my future. Stay tuned…